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DOT & Non-DOT Random Consortiums

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all safety sensitive employees to be entered into a random consortium. The random consortium pool selections are:

  • Performed at the least on a quarterly basis
  • Valid computer selection made by confidential random selection technology

Occupational Drug Testing establishes individual random drug testing consortiums for each agency to comply with DOT regulations for testing frequency. If you prefer to have your own company consortium to increase the selection probability, we can establish your own private company pool as well. An experienced Program Administrator will work with you directly to update your employee list. Occupational Drug Testing experts are always ready to answer any questions you may have while establishing your random drug testing program.

What are the DOT regulations regarding random consortiums?

Before a DOT employee performs a safety sensitive position, the employee must have a negative screening result on file. In other words; once a DOT employee completes a pre-employment screening with a negative result detected, he or she is now ready to work. Each DOT agency has its own percentage rate, which can fluctuate. The Administrator for each agency has the jurisdiction to change percentage rates based upon industry average that year. 

2013 Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Selection Rates

DOT Agency

Drug Test

Alcohol Test



















Source: US Department of Transportation


How is an employee entered into the random pool?

Once the aforementioned negative test results are entered, the DOT employee is automatically entered into the random consortium or "pool." When entered into the system, the employee can be included in one of two pools. One option is the agency as a whole, such as, FMCSA, USCG or FAA. Or, the company can have its own selection pool. If you establish a company pool for testing, the testing regulation percentages will be the same as the DOT agency in which the company falls under.

How are DOT employees chosen?

As stated above, every year each DOT agency releases a percentage for randomly testing employees.  Each quarter, the selection is made by a scientific random selection method. Each covered employee will have an equal chance of being tested each time a selection is made.

Non-DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium

Even companies not mandated by DOT regulations use random drug testing as a workplace best practice. There is no regulation for these types of companies. Occupational Drug Testing will work with you to determine the best strategy to implement an effective random drug testing program, customized for your business. If you see the value in a drug-free workplace, a random drug testing program is a proven choice to deter workplace drug use. 


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