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Tips on Safely Celebrating a Happy New Year

If You Are Going Out for the Night

Arrange for a designated driver ahead of time if you plan on drinking.

Avoid over-sharing about your location on social media. You don’t want to let thieves know your house is empty.

Take a cab or public transportation to and from your party, to avoid leaving your vehicle.

Leave a light on in your house before you leave and double check door/window locks.

Never accept an open drink from a stranger, or leave your drink unattended.

Drink water in between alcoholic beverages to stay properly hydrated.

If you are the designated driver, stay alert and watch for other drivers and pedestrians.

Always call the police if you see anything illegal or suspicious taking place.


If You Are Staying In for the Night

If you’re hosting, have phone numbers ready for a taxi, and poison control if the party gets really out of control.

If cups are unattended for a while, dump them, especially to protect curious kids or animals that might be around.

Never point a champagne bottle at anyone when popping it open.

Make sure you have food readily available so your guests aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.

Be sure to provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for those not drinking, and plenty of water for all guests.

Be prepared to let your guests stay the night if necessary.


Have a Happy and Safe New Year!



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